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How To Clean Your Home, Once and For All

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Clutter is the problem to persistent messiness.

Sort, trash, donate, clean, repeat. We’ve all experience the organization and storage highs and lows. Are you ready to truly dive into your organization project? Are you ready to freshen up your home?

Yes! Here you are, finally cleansing your home of all the clutter that has built up over the years. How have you accumulated all of this stuff, anyway? Why do you even need it?

Then, comes the hard part. A project you anticipated would only take a couple of hours turns into a month-long nightmare of heated spousal arguments and internal debates about your material attachments.

clean up center street lending


Before you dive headfirst into a storage project, let’s differentiate some housekeeping projects. Demystifying the needs of each project can help lighten the stress of what each project needs.


storage vs organization center street lending


Storage vs. Organization

Clearing out clutter involves actually removing items, which is essential to organization. Organization is what you decide to do with what’s left. Only store away the things you hold dear to you, or things you want in the space but prefer to keep out of direct sight.  The essence of storage should be in practicality and access.

Clearing Clutter with center street lending


What’s the very first step of cleaning up your house?

Clearing clutter! Work in categories of items you want to eliminate in your house. Physically remove it, whether by trash, donation, or selling it, from the space before you dive into cleaning. Work in categories, like all of your old clothes or books, at once.Otherwise you may find them creeping from room to room after you have finished one room.

Clean in categories center street lending

Consider the condition you found them in a representation of how much you need them. Were you displaying this item proudly for all to see, or had it been neglected for two years out of site? Avoid creeping feelings of nostalgia. It’s okay to part with these material things!

Where should you start then? If you don’t want to move in categories, try to identify a problem area and start there. If your mornings are hectic, try decluttering the entryway. Then, you will know right exactly where to keep your essentials on your way out for the day. Tidying up your closet is also a great start in terms of making your day less stressful.

Things get complicated if you come to the realization that you’re not a die-hard minimalist. You can clear some things out of the house, but beyond that, you want to store nearly everything else in the basement. You want to keep things inside the house. This is okay.

This process does not have to be perfect. You’re a human – not a vacuum. Cleaning is an emotional process and things take time. As you go a long, keep a vision of how your clean room will make you feel when you’re done.

Originally posted: The Essential First Step to Any Storage Project, Center Street Lending. 

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